About Ubbink Centrotherm Group

The Ubbink Centrotherm Group represents all the Ubbink and Centrotherm companies worldwide and is the Gas Flue Systems division of Centrotec SE.

The Ubbink Centrotherm Group is an international solution provider in the fields of heating, ventilation and sustainable building and offers its customers worldwide environmentally-friendly and energy-saving systems and products.

In the field of heating, our very extensive product lineup includes products and systems for high-efficiency (condensing) heating appliances which cover the whole spectrum from small residential gas flue / venting solutions up till large commercial exhaust / venting solutions, inside and outside the heating appliances.

In the field of ventilation, our product lineup includes a full range of insulated and semi-rigid ductwork that contributes to high-efficiency (heat recovery) ventilation solutions meant for residential housing and small commercial buildings.

In the field of sustainable building, our portfolio offers a wide range of products that contribute to the sustainability of houses and buildings and include construction ventilation products, non-mechanical ventilation products and products that improve the overall watertightness and airtightness of buildings.
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